Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me: Best Methods to Succeed

Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me

You’ve been with your boyfriend for several years, and you think it’s only a matter of time before he makes you a wife. 

But one day, he returns from work, and you notice a disconnect. Although you may count his actions as a mood swing due to work, your boyfriend exhibiting this attitude often might indicate infidelity.

With reports indicating that 74% of men will cheat on their girlfriends if there was a guarantee they won’t be caught, it might be time to get some perspective on his recent demeanor. 

Since men are experts at hiding things, what mediums can you use to get data about their daily activities? 

I asked a similar question several years ago as my BF since high school became distant. Since he had issues at home, I did my best to cheer him up each time he turned a “cold back” on me. 

However, there was a day I came back from work early and overheard him professing love to another girl over the phone. 

Although I confronted him, he denied any wrongdoing and insisted she was just a friend. 

At this juncture, my instincts kicked in, and I decided to look for mediums to help me spy on his phone 24/7. 

These options proved helpful as I discovered he was indeed cheating. 

In this article, I’ll share these alternatives with you and how they work. Using these, your chances of sifting out data from your BF’s device is 95%.

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You 

Although men try to mask their infidelity, their acts will, in one way or another, become noticeable, and it’s up to you to decode them. 

Here are ten signs he’s cheating on you:

A Rapid Change in His Schedule

The more time you spend with a person, the more you understand their life pattern. I’m not saying you’ll know where he’s at all times, but you should be able to take a solid guess and most likely be right.

If your BF cheats on you, you’ll notice a change in his schedule. For instance, if he always takes a nap on Sundays at midday and suddenly switches for a walk or a visit to a place he won’t give you any details about, you should be worried. 

Also, if he starts staying late at work or canceling plans you both made, I recommend treading carefully as this is one of the major signs of a cheating boyfriend.

Change in Sexual Energy 

Once your boyfriend starts cheating, you’ll notice it in the sex. Sexual changes rank as one of the physical signs he’s cheating and can be interpreted in 2 ways.

Firstly, most men lack the energy to handle numerous sexual partners, and reduced libido may indicate that he’s cheating on you. If you notice that your boyfriend no longer has the urge to have sex with you as before, it’s probably because he’s getting it elsewhere. 

Additionally, some men feel guilt and try to mask it up with sex. So, if your partner suddenly wants to have sex every time, it might be a ploy to hide his infidelity.

His Friends Start Acting Weird

In 2014, a dating site, Victoria Milan, released shocking results to their relationship survey. Of the 6511 people they questioned, 96% claimed that they wouldn’t tell on their cheating friend. 

83% also said they knew the partners of acquaintances who practiced infidelity. 

Following this survey, your chances of getting anything concrete from his friends is slim. However, if you’re observant, you’ll surely pick up one or two hints without their knowledge. While your boyfriend might be good at hiding it, his friends may not be that careful, and some will start acting weird or anxious around you, especially when you talk to them about your boyfriend.

So watch for any changes in your boyfriend’s friends’ behaviors towards you.

They Become More Protective of Their Phones

If your boyfriend is cheating on you, your best chance of finding out is by going through his smartphone. He’ll definitely have a number, Snap, picture, or video of his secret lover on the phone. 

Therefore, he’ll be highly protective of the phone. 

If you notice your BF constantly changes his passcodes and never lets his phone out of sight, or he leaves the room to answer calls and reply to texts, you might want to be wary as these are among the signs your boyfriend is cheating on you.

To make things seamless, some men even go as far as getting a new number and creating a new email or social media account.

Their Stories Don’t Add Up 

If you’d like to catch a cheating BF, pay attention to his words. He’ll usually get so caught up in his web of lies that he’ll lose track of stories he previously told. 

If you start noticing discrepancies in your boyfriend’s stories, he’s trying to hide something or someone away from you. 

For example, if he formally told you that he was meeting his colleagues at work, and some days later, when you ask him if something memorable happened at the event, he denies going out with his friends. 

Well, it’s clear as day – he’s lying!

Maintaining a lie for long can be difficult, and if you’re observant enough, you’ll definitely catch your boyfriend slipping up no matter how careful he is.

They Don’t Discuss Their Life With You Anymore

Hearing about your partner’s life is one of the perks of being in a relationship. The weird thing that happened to him during his lunch or the “squabble” he had with a coworker are things your boyfriend should gladly share with you. If he stops, it’s most likely because there are some things he doesn’t want to tell you about.

However, it could be due to the fact that he’s already sharing them with someone else and doesn’t realize he no longer shares them with you. 

Your conversations become shallow and uninteresting even when you’re making an effort; it’s a sign he might be having those “heart to heart” convos with someone else.

He’s Starting Buying You Gifts 

Presents are supposed to be signs that he truly loves and thinks about you, especially when they come out of the blues. However, there’s something called a “guilt gift,” which might be what he’s been giving you recently.

Most times, guilt gifts are expensive and supposed to be given out on special occasions like an anniversary. When you couple this with other signs of him behaving strangely, you’ll have the answers to your questions. 

Guilt gifts are geared toward reassuring you nothing is going on and he still loves you greatly. But in the grand scheme of things, he’s just distracting you from an affair he’s having.

He Doesn’t Care What You Think of Him

It’s not uncommon for a boyfriend to ask his partner for her opinion on his new shirt or a little poem he wrote. Likewise, men generally seek the approval of their girlfriends on some crucial matters, especially fashion, and behavior. 

If you notice he doesn’t seek your opinion anymore, he’s probably getting his approval from someone else.

Notable examples include him not dressing exquisitely for your outings and going to fancy places without you. 

I’m not saying your boyfriend must take you to every place he goes, but if he takes you to cheap restaurants for dinner, and you find receipts of him going to top-tier hangout spots, it’s definitely a problem. 

These actions show that he’s making an effort in other areas of his life, just not with you.

He’s Demanding More From You 

There’s nothing wrong with your boyfriend asking you to do things he likes. Nonetheless, the problem arises when he asks if he’s comparing you to someone else. 

Your boyfriend uttering phrases like “Why can’t you be more spontaneous?” or “Why can’t you have fun?” is a sign of frustration at you for not sharing similar traits to the other woman he’s seeing. 

So is your boyfriend cheating on you just because he’s asking you for something he likes? The answer is no. 

But you should be concerned if he starts focusing on your flaws and blaming you. He might use them as an excuse for his cheating in the long run.

He’s Spending More Than Usual

Cheating is one expensive activity. He’ll have to pay for dates, drinks, and rooms. It gets worse when the lady he’s cheating with is doing the same, as he’ll have to pay extra for secrecy. 

Even if she’s not in a relationship and lives alone, he’ll still have to pay for dates, gifts, and different things just to impress her and score some points. 

If your boyfriend is rich or secretive about his cash, you might not notice the impact of cheating on his finances. However, spending money can be difficult to hide, and you’ll notice it with late bills or receipts from expensive outings he never shared with you.

8 Ways How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

Sometimes, confrontation might not be the best option because most men will get defensive and try to blame you for lacking trust, even when they are at fault. 

So, it’s usually up to you to do your investigation and get the required answers.  

Most times, the answers you require are hidden in his phone. But, nowadays, technology and mobile devices are at the center of human communication. 

Therefore, if he’s cheating, his cell phone is facilitating it. Fortunately, there are ways you can check his phone without his knowledge, and one of them is through spy apps. Here are several ways you can find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Check His Texts and Social Media Accounts Messages 

If you have a feeling your boyfriend is cheating on you and want to confirm it, you’ll probably have to check his text messages. Currently, text messaging is one of the most discreet and preferred methods of communication, and over 1.5 billion people communicate through texts.

Even worse, your boyfriend might be texting her in your presence while talking to you, and you won’t know it’s happening. However, with spy apps, you’ll automatically get full access to everybody he’s texting, even when he’s at work texting.

Most boyfriends become protective of their cell phones and won’t let you use their phones long enough to get the answers you seek. Some may even wipe their texts frequently to clear any trace of infidelity. 

Thankfully, you can access these data bits with a spy app. Top spy apps also let you view messages before they’re deleted, so that filthy text he’s trying to hide will get to you before he pushes it to the bin.

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Check His Internet Activity

There are two types of cheating boyfriends. Those who get protective of their smartphone and those who do the opposite. 

The second group leaves their phones unlocked more often just to quench your suspicions. 

Another possible reason is that they’re using their PC to cheat. Most mobile applications have web versions available for PC users, and most men prefer this option because their girlfriends may think that they’re working on a project or watching a movie. 

Luckily, a spy application can help you monitor his web activities on his PC even when he’s at work. 

You’ll see the sites he visited, the keywords he recently searched, and the persons he talks to on social sites. Spy applications can also monitor mobile devices when he decides to make that switch. 

NOTE: Before you use a spy app, always conduct due diligence to see what operating system it’ll function on seamlessly. While most spy applications offer Android and iOS compatibility, you might want to look towards an alternative that works on PC also if you feel your BF is facilitating illicit relations on that medium. 

Check If They’re Hidden Apps on His Phone

One of the most common places to find a cheating BF is on dating sites. While you can easily create a profile and search for his name, it isn’t always that easy. 

Most dating sites allow members to create anonymous accounts without their personal details, making it hard to find someone you know in the real world. 

The only way to get answers is by going through his cell phone; in most cases, your boyfriend must have hidden these apps. 

Thus, even when you have access to his device, you might not know where to find your evidence. 

However, spy applications can fish out the location of those apps on his phone and give you details on their activities. What’s better? They work remotely.

Follow Him Around

If you notice your boyfriend is never around anymore or he constantly has somewhere to go, it might just be time to play detective and secretly follow him on one of his mysterious outings. 

Also, if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you and covers it up with work, you might have to start dropping by his workplace unannounced. Don’t act suspicious; you can say something like how you were driving past and thought it would be nice to bring him lunch. 

If his coworkers are around, you can subtly ask them questions about his whereabouts on some days; most won’t know what your motives are and will tell you what they know.

However, technology has made things a lot easier, and with spy apps, you can now track your boyfriend’s GPS location through a web browser. 

These apps have detailed maps that give precise and live locations. You can even preset some zones and let the application notify you when your BF enters them. 

This functionality is especially helpful when you have a particular lady you’re suspecting.

Check His Photos and Videos

Maybe you once caught your boyfriend smiling hard at his phone, and when you asked him to show you, he quickly hid what he was watching or acted weirdly. 

It might be a picture, video, or text from his new lover that he doesn’t want you to see. Your BF doing this is one of the major signs he’s cheating on his phone, so you’d want to monitor him closely.

Checking his media files might reveal your answers. However, most men either delete or hide media files they don’t want anyone to see, and you may never find them no matter how hard you search. Luckily, with spy apps, you can easily access those hidden media files. 

The best spy apps will also issue a prompt to you when your boyfriend is trying to delete a picture or video, and you’ll get to see it first before it goes. The same applies to media files he exchanges across social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

If you have these files at your disposal, you can save these files to your phone and use them as proof during a confrontation.

Check His iCloud

If your boyfriend uses an iOS cell phone, you can know if he’s cheating by checking his iCloud. Most people have cloud backup enabled on their iOS devices.

If this add-on is active, multimedia files, text, call logs, and app data will be uploaded to their cloud account automatically. 

Therefore, access to their iCloud profile might provide answers to all the questions you might be having.

Lack of access to his phone can make this difficult, and that’s why spy apps now let you monitor a person’s cloud activities with your device. 

However, note that this option is virtually impossible to use if you don’t have your boyfriend’s iCloud logins.

Check His Bank Statements

As I established earlier, cheating can be expensive and will definitely impact your boyfriend’s finances. 

You’ll notice it when he no longer pays his bills on time or can’t afford things like before. To confirm this, check his bank statements to know how he spends and what he’s spending his money on.

Also, look for company receipts or emails as they might lead you to the answers you seek. Cheating men tend to spend more on their cheating partners. 

I’m talking of expensive dates, hotel rooms, drinks, and gifts. So when you check the bank statements and see debit alerts for things he finds difficult to explain, he’s probably cheating on you.

Create Fake Social Media Accounts and Track Him

If your BF is showing weird signs like he’s cheating, and you want to catch him in the act, creating fake profiles on his favorite social media platforms is one of the top ways to go about it. 

While creating a fake account, avoid using generic or animated profile photos. There are thousands of girls with pictures online, and you should be able to find one your boyfriend will like. 

To get his attention, use specific things you know about him on the fake profile, including his best sports team or favorite artist, and include them in the profile.

Now, comment on his post or send him a message complimenting something you saw on his profile. He’ll likely send you a friend request to kick-start an online conversation with you. 

Try to keep it cool and friendly during the early days but as you get deeper, endeavor to ask him if he’s in any relationship and wants to go out with you. 

A cheating boyfriend will probably not mention that he’s in a relationship with you or may even reveal that he doesn’t mind having an affair outside his relationship. 

Now, look for any real-life behavioral changes because even if he isn’t cheating, those changes will help you know when he starts.

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How Can I Find Out If My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me for Free?

If your boyfriend uses an iOS smartphone, the Find My Friends app is an alternative you can use to see if he’s cheating on you for free. This alternative allows you to know the real-time location of that particular phone and is completely free. 
To get the ball rolling, locate the Find My Friends app on your boyfriend’s iPhone and click on share location. In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll find an ‘Add’ button. Check for your contact data and hit “Send.”
An invitation will be sent to your phone; accept it, and you’ll have constant access to your boyfriend’s phone location. This invitation will also prompt you to share your location; deny it if you don’t want your boyfriend to track your phone. 
If your BF uses an Android device, and you’d like to get a hold of his location for free, you can use the Android Device Manager (ADM). To get started, visit this link –

What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me?

Once you’ve fully confirmed that he’s cheating on you, confront him, and if he tries to deny it, show him your evidence. 
Your evidence can be screenshots of his texts you got from spy applications. Then tell him how much he hurt you and hear why he did it. 
Don’t accept any blame as the cheating is entirely his fault, and you had nothing to do with it. Then take time to think, heal, and decide if the relationship is worth saving.

Can Couples Therapy Help With Cheating?

Yes, if the affair was discovered before the therapy, the chances of that relationship surviving are high. In fact, a recent report indicated that 78% of marriages survive an affair. 
The therapy will help both parties heal and rebuild the relationship’s trust and foundation.

The Bottom Line

I’ve managed to outline the signs of a cheater male and how you can confirm your suspicions, so which of these methods do you like most? 

There’s no worse feeling than the thought of your man in the arms of another lady, especially if you see all the clear signs but have no proof. 

However, with modern technology, you can now use spy apps to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you. These apps will allow you to monitor his location, texts, calls, and media files. 

Lastly, prepare your mind for what you might find and always remember that the fault lies with him alone.

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