How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Instagram

See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Instagram

It takes two people to build a healthy and trustful relationship. If you’re reading this, probably your boyfriend did something that made you feel uneasy, something related to his activity on Instagram. Maybe you didn’t like him scrolling his feed when you needed his attention. Or he was chatting with someone you don’t know.

One thing is for sure: you want to know what’s going on in his mind, soul, and Instagram DMs. You need to know the NAME of the person who takes so much of his attention that should be yours.

We believe your ultimate question is: how can I see who my boyfriend interacts with on Instagram? If yes, keep reading.

Because our post has the answers you’re looking for.

What Can His Instagram Reveal?

Not so long ago, Instagram had a feature that allowed you to see what your friends were doing online. You could find out whose posts they liked, what comments they left, and even who they followed.

So, we’ve got news for you, both good and bad.

The bad news is that Instagram has removed this feature in 2019.

The good news is that users have come up with other ways to dig out this information.

Here’s what you need to look at to figure out who is my boyfriend talking to on Instagram:

Direct Messages

This is the obvious one. If you can get hold of your boyfriend’s phone, check his direct messages. This will give you an idea of who he is chatting with and what they discuss.

If you haven’t found anything suspicious, don’t swipe left just yet. Check out the “Message Requests” tab. You might see messages from people who are not on your boyfriend’s following list here.

Instagram Activity

Is his phone still in your hands? Great!

If you don’t want to miss the chance to uncover his deepest secrets, go back to his feed and tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner. Tap Your Activity and boom, you’ll see all of his likes, comments, tags, recent searches, and even deleted content.

Time on Instagram

If you wake up next to him, wondering who’s texting my boyfriend late at night, check his time on Instagram. You can find this in his profile under Your Activity.

The unusual activity might indicate that he was up late scrolling through his feed or messaging someone.

Active Status

Another way to check how much time he spends on Instagram is by looking at his online status. If the dot next to his profile picture on Instagram Direct is always green, he might be spending a lot of time chatting with someone. It’s also a red flag if his status is always off. He could be hiding his online status from everyone except for one person he’s talking to.

Recently Followed Accounts

If he refuses to answer your questions about his new friends on Instagram, take matters into your own hands. Go to his profile, click on Following, and check the top accounts. These are the most recent ones he has started following.


Just like your BF’s friend list, Instagram Stories can tell you a lot about his social circle. Here’s how to find out who your boyfriend is messaging: look at his stories to see who appears first on the list. If you notice that the same person often shows up on your boyfriend’s stories, it’s a sign that they text each other a lot.

Favorites Feed

Did you know that Instagram has two feeds? The default one shows posts based on your interests, and you can’t make changes to it. However, there’s also a “favorites” feed that shows posts from the accounts you’ve added to the Favourites list. If your BF has marked some accounts as favorites, it’s likely that he checks their page often.

How to See Who Your Boyfriend is Messaging on Instagram

Boyfriend is Messaging on Instagram

Here’s the truth: even if your boyfriend texts someone on Instagram, he might be just genuinely interested in that person without any shady intentions.

You need facts, such as Instagram DM chat history, to back up your suspicions.

But how to see my boyfriends Instagram messages without him knowing? Well, we have one more tech hack for that.

Spynger, a web-based spy app, can give you insight into your BF’s Instagram activity. With Spynger, you can:

  • Read his DMs. Check the timestamps and contact data to see when he’s talking to friends, family or strangers.
  • Get the media files. Scroll through the gallery of photos and videos he shared on Instagram,
  • View his friend lists. See who follows him and who he follows.
  • Hide the app on his phone. Keep the secret of your Insta-spying to yourself.
  • Set up alerts. Get notifications when he types specific keywords.

How to Spy on Your Boyfriend Instagram Using Spynger

spynger instagram9

Here’s how to catch a cheater on Instagram in 4 steps:

Create Your Free Account

Go to, and sign up for an account. Just enter your email and hit Next.

Choose Your Plan

Pick the plan that works best for you.

Download Spynger

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up Spynger.

Start Monitoring

Log into your Spynger account and choose Instagram from the left-hand menu. Now you can read his DMs, view pics, and check friend list in real time!

How Can I See Who My Boyfriend Is Talking to on Instagram

mspy Instagram Tracker9

mSpy is yet another hidden spy app for Android and IOS devices that focuses on social media monitoring. We recommend using it if you need to read secret messages on Instagram. mSpy saves the screenshots of your boyfriend’s chats in a separate folder, which you can access later.

mSpy also captures self-destructing pics shared via DMs, so you’ll get all the evidence you need to confirm your suspicions. By the way, mSpy saves the numbers your boyfriend has been talking to, so you can easily connect the dots between his Instagram friends and contact list on his phone.

How to See Who My Boyfriend Recently Followed on Instagram

Eyezy instagram activity tracker9

If you’re wondering how can I see who my boyfriend is texting if he has a private account, check out Eyezy. We’ve tested how it works with different types of Instagram accounts, and it does its job perfectly! You can access his list of new, old, and removed followers through an online Control Panel.

Ah, and of course, you can read his chats, including secret ones. All this is possible with a keylogger, an advanced tool that records keystrokes made on your boyfriend’s device.

How to See Deleted Messages on Instagram

phonsee instagram9

As its name suggests, Phonsee lets you SEE who’s texting my boyfriend on Instagram even if he deletes his chats or uses third-party apps like DMpro. Its interface is simple and convenient and visually looks like Instagram DMs. What we love about Phonsee is that it has search and filtering capabilities. You can set time frames and filter chats by contact name to find specific conversations.


How Can I See My Boyfriends Instagram Activity?

Use an Instagram spy like Spynger to get a clear picture of his Instagram activity. This tool lets you read his messages, view shared files, and check friend list.

How Do I See What My Boyfriend Comments on Instagram?

You can use a screenshot-based spy app like mSpy to see his comments, likes, and deleted messages.

How Can I Tell If He Has a Secret Instagram Account?

A spy app like Eyezy will show you all social media accounts he has, even fake ones.


We hope that our post helped you, and now you know how can I see who my boyfriend interacts with on Instagram. We’ve covered 7 ways to check what’s going on in his DMs, but if you want to get direct answers, use a spy app like Spynger. It will help you uncover the truth!

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