How to Catch Cheaters on iPhone – Best Ways Overview

How to Catch Cheaters on iPhone

Cheating in relationships has become increasingly common with the variety of technologies available. With secret messaging apps and hidden online interactions, a cheating spouse can more easily hide an affair from their partner. However, modern technology also provides tools how to catch someone cheating through iPhone tracking and monitoring apps. 

This article will explore the top iPhone tracking apps to catch cheaters and how to use them effectively. So, read on to find out the most useful details!

How to Catch Cheaters on iPhone with iPhone Tracking Apps

Let’s dive into the world of iPhone tracking apps, revealing their features and usability and demonstrating how they can become your secret weapon in unmasking dishonesty.



mSpy is widely recognized as one of the most popular and powerful iPhone monitoring apps available in the market today that can help you catch your girlfriend cheating on iPhone. With its advanced capabilities, this app provides comprehensive insights into your spouse’s iPhone activities. Upon installation, mSpy grants you access to a wide range of information, including text messages, phone calls, GPS locations, app usage, photos, and more.

What sets mSpy apart are its powerful features, such as Keylogger, Screenshots, and Screen Recording. These features allow you to delve even deeper into your spouse’s phone usage by providing an opportunity to observe their actions in real time. With mSpy running discreetly and invisibly in the background, there will be no notifications or signs of the app’s presence, ensuring a covert monitoring experience.

To top it off, mSpy offers flexible pricing options that allow you to catch your girlfriend cheating on iPhone, starting as low as $11.66 for a monthly subscription. This affordability, combined with its extensive range of features, makes mSpy a top choice for those seeking a reliable and effective iPhone monitoring solution.


spynger for iphone

Spynger is an all-inclusive monitoring and tracking solution designed specifically for catching cheating spouses. Similar to mSpy, Spynger offers a wide range of features, including message viewing, GPS location tracking, photo/video access, and app usage monitoring. But what sets Spynger apart are its unique capabilities to track messages on popular dating and chatting apps such as Tinder, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger.

With Spynger, you can catch your wife cheating on iPhone and uncover secret conversations that other tools may overlook. Plus, Spynger’s subscription plans start at just $9.21 per month, making it an affordable choice for anyone seeking peace of mind.


phonsee iphone9

Phonsee provides an affordable phone monitoring solution, starting at just $8.85 per month. With Phonsee, you’ll have the capability to track various activities such as messages (SMS, apps, sites), calls, locations, media, and apps.

But that’s not all! Phonsee also offers unique features like geofencing alerts, which notify you when your spouse enters or leaves pre-set areas. It’s the perfect tool for those who want to know how to catch a cheating husband on iPhone on the go, ensuring peace of mind and security.

What Their iPhone Data Will I Get Using Tracking Apps?

With iPhone tracking apps like the ones mentioned above, the amount of data at your fingertips is immense. You can virtually peek over your spouse’s shoulder and watch their iPhone usage like a hawk. The information available includes:

  • Messages: This feature allows you to view and monitor all incoming and outgoing messages on various messaging platforms, such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Phone call logs: With this feature, you can access detailed logs of incoming and outgoing calls, including the date, time, and duration of each call, which are extremely useful when you need to know how to catch someone cheating.
  • GPS Location Tracking: This feature enables you to track the real-time location of the device, providing you with accurate information about its whereabouts.
  • Photos/Videos: You can remotely access and view all the photos and videos stored on the device, giving you a glimpse into the multimedia content captured by the user.
  • Browser History: This feature allows you to see the browsing history of the device, including websites visited, search queries, and timestamps.
  • Apps Used & Screen Time: You can monitor the apps that are being used on the device and track the amount of time spent on each app, providing insights into the user’s digital activities.
  • Keylogging (records text typed): This feature records and logs all the text typed on the device, including keystrokes and inputs made on various apps and platforms, giving you a comprehensive view of the user’s digital interactions.

Essentially, most apps provide complete access to everything happening on their iPhones, so you can find out how to catch someone cheating. This allows you to gather any evidence of cheating and build an accurate timeline of events.

How To Install a Spy App On Your Spouse’s iPhone?


Installing monitoring apps like mSpy on an iPhone is quick and easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to see if your boyfriend is cheating iPhone:

  1. Purchase the subscription plan that suits your needs from the company’s website. They offer different options to fit your requirements.
  2. Once you’ve completed the purchase, you will receive a download link for the iOS spy app. This ensures that you get the latest version of the app for optimal performance.
  3. To install the app, you will need to gain access to your spouse’s iPhone temporarily. This step is crucial to ensure that you can monitor their activity effectively.
  4. After gaining access, download and install the app on the iPhone. The entire process usually takes only 2–3 minutes, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup. And you are almost ready to find out how to see if your boyfriend is cheating iPhone.
  5. For ultimate discretion, you can hide the app’s icon on the iPhone. This way, it will run undetected in the background, providing you with the information you need without raising any suspicion.
  6. Once the app is installed and hidden, you can remotely monitor iPhone activity from your secured online account. This allows you to keep track of calls, messages, social media activity, and more, all from the comfort of your own device.

That’s it! Within minutes, you can start tracking your spouse’s iPhone without them knowing. This can be particularly useful if you have suspicions of cheating or infidelity and want to gather evidence discreetly.

How to See Someone’s Location on iPhone Without Them Knowing?


Detectico is an innovative tool designed to unravel the mystery behind any phone number. Also, it can be used as a way how to see if your boyfriend is cheating iPhone. This versatile tracking solution enables you to find out the location of any number, its owner, and more. Detectico is designed with ease of use and effectiveness in mind and is the perfect tool for those seeking to gain insights into a specific phone number.

How Does Detectico Work?

Step 1: Enter the phone number and personal message into Detectico.

Step 2: Detectico sends a text immediately, including a location detection link.

Step 3: When the receiver taps the link, Detectico reveals their location.

Find out who owns the number and their current whereabouts with just a few clicks. No more mystery with Detectico’s powerful phone number detection.

Where to Look on an iPhone for Cheating

Where to Look on an iPhone for Cheating

Aside from installing spy apps, there are also ways to directly spot cheating evidence on your spouse’s iPhone if you can access it.

Some key places where to look on iPhone for cheating include:

Photos App – Saved pictures, screenshots, and deleted photos can contain incriminating images or messages

Messages – Flirty texts, nudes, and conversations with suspected affair partners

Mail – Hidden accounts, dating site notifications

Notes/Files – Stored love letters, contacts, plans, and more

Browser History – Dating sites, secret messaging apps

Enough evidence can often be found directly on the iPhone without any apps. However, physical access to the device is required.

iPhone Free Hacks to Catch a Cheater

For those unable to install monitoring apps, there are still some free ways how to find out if your spouse is cheating for free iPhone.

iCloud Account – iCloud backs up iPhone content like photos, messages, notes and more. Access their iCloud account, and you can view backups containing cheating evidence.

Phone Bill – Check monthly phone records for one number repeatedly called/texted. Or dating site charges.

Find My – Track the location of your spouse’s phone using Find My feature. If it’s in a suspicious location, you’ll know.

As you can see, modern iPhones provide countless ways to cheat and just as many iPhone hacks to catch a cheater. With the right iPhone tracker app or method, you can uncover the truth and gather proof of any secret affairs.


Catching a cheating spouse using their iPhone is easier than it may seem, thanks to powerful tracking apps. With comprehensive access to messages, location history, photos, and app usage, evidence of any affair is difficult for cheaters to hide. Tools like mSpy, Phonsee, and Spynger provide complete iPhone tapping without complicated installs or alerts that could tip off a cheater if they are being monitored.

New iPhone hacks to catch a cheater continue to emerge. But cheaters also work harder to hide affairs through secret messaging apps, hidden online identities, and more. That means staying ahead of the game is key if you really want proof of cheating from your spouse’s phone. With so much personal and sensitive data, a tapped iPhone rarely lies.

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