Trying to understand the theories surrounding Vegas

So I want to make sure I’ve got this theory right. Correct me if I’m wrong. The government hired people off Craigslist to pretend to be fake victims. That’s definitely a good way to recruit people with TS/SCI clearances. ¬†They’re keeping the secret. The entire Las Vegas medical community is in on it and even went to the trouble of conducting triage on these fake injuries. They’re keeping the secret. The suspect is a patsy because he was rich and rich people don’t ever go crazy. There were shooters at multiple hotels but the government didn’t put any victims at the other locations. I guess that would just be too much trouble. They also managed to avoid being seen by anyone.

“They” killed a security guard to protect what was happening in a room, but there was nothing actually happening there because it was just an audio clip played over loud speakers. That’s what some dude in a cowboy hat said. It has to be true. There’s no footage of the first shooter so he’s fake, but since there’s no footage of the other shooters, they’re real. Bellmen don’t exist. Strobe lights are muzzle flashes. The laws of physics don’t apply in Las Vegas. They planted the wrong kind of weapons and brass at the crime scene. They didn’t plant brass at other locations. They did this all to stage a false flag terror attack, but nobody knows why.

The suspect sold a plane and years later, the same tail number was used on a plane owned by a defense contractor that supplies computer security to government agencies. This multi-year, multi-layer “connection” to a bunch of computer¬†programmers is obviously a connection to the intelligence community.

The suspect’s obituary from years earlier is proof of a conspiracy, even though the obituary lists a different middle name, date of birth, year of birth, place of birth, and well… everything else. It is an older white guy in the picture though.

My favorite part and the most compelling is the idea that DOD was engaging in an illicit arms deal, and even though it has an endless supply of select-fire weapons, it decides to risk discovery by purchasing bump stocks to sell novelty items to whatever entity was purchasing them.

Please stop. The US intelligence community is not squeamish about inflicting civilian casualties. If it wanted to conduct an operation to foster insecurity in the populace, it would just kill a bunch of people. There’s no need to fake anything.

If you’re supporting these theories without any physical evidence whatsoever, you’re no better than the corporate media you claim to be fighting. You’ve made outlandish claims that discredit the entire independent media without any evidence. Ask questions, please, but seek evidence before fear-mongering for the sake of ad revenue.